Deleting Track Keyframes in Curve Editor has no effect

when I delete all Tracking Keyframes of a Track Shape in a given frame range, the linked layer still behaves as if the Tracking data in that frame range is still there.

Hi Mary,
no it has been tracked with “Large Motion” enabled. Do I need to select “Manual mode” first before deleting the keyframes in the curve editor? If so, what is the reason behind this?

Hi Mary, thanks for the explaination.
I don’t want to be offending, but, instead of explaining those functions every single poster, wouldn’t it be smarter to extend the very basic official (online) documentation? There are still several items missing beeing explained, the Curve editor for example got only a very brief description without even mentioning of the buttons in this window.
The principle/using of manual tracking mode is also not mentioned even with a single sentence.

Yes. The reason is in large motion or small motion mode you are only changing the shape keyframes. In manual mode, you can adjust the SURFACE (or just the shape if you dont need the tracking data to follow through) manually to where it needs to be and set keyframes by hand for the track or shape. Only manipulating the surface will affect the track, though you can just adjust the data in a compositing program too for final tweaking. Moving the shape just moves the shape.
It is important to note that the shape is a child of the track, not the other way around. The shape is where mocha is looking for pixels to track, and the surface and grid are the way the track is moving.

Have you put the tracking mode into manual and deleted the keyframes while in manual mode?

Yes, that does make sense, but we have the forums to cover questions that aren’t in the documentation in order to get stuff we may have missed.
Also, I have decided I’m going to work on a manual tracking demo, because you’re the second person I’ve run into this week having problems with it and I think it needs to be addressed.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll put it on my list of tuts I’d like to make and I’ll get to it as soon as I get down my list. :slight_smile:

my biggest issue, is that I never render anything out of mocha because I can’t get the edges to behave - motion blur or soften/blurring.
Love to see a comprehensive demo that addresses managing the unwanted key frames that pop up while trying to get the edges set properly.