Deleting tracking from specific frames

I have an object I tracked for rotoscoping. At one point, the object is set on a desk and doesn’t move for the rest of the shot. It’s old film, so the track (spline) continues to jump a bit.

Is there any way to remove or delete the tracking data from those frames so the track stays still?


Hi Jonas,

You should be able to delete all those extra keyframes using the curve editor, but when I tried it Mocha crashed. The only other way I can think of is to move to the second frame where the object is stationary, then switch to Manual Track under Motion. You will see the tracking keyframes appear in the playback. Hit ‘k’ to delete the keyframe. Repeat for all frames to the end of the clip.

Sorry there isn’t a better way to do this that I know of.


Yeah, I’ve had crashes in the curve editor too! I’ll use the manual track solution. Never played with that. Thanks!:slight_smile: