Depth Node doesn't run

Sorry for my English. I new in Silhouette. I bought the Silhouette plugin for AE. I started study the master Silhouette and now I can’t understand like use Depth node. When put depth node and I try to use rampe, constant, horizon… I see the red lines appears just for 1 second when I click. After I don’t see more. Like If the software didn’t get the ramp, horizon etc ecc. And I don’t see in the window “objects list” any item about ramp, horizon, constant. Nothing.
I saw ,if I make before a level and I make the same procedure into a level, Silhouette makes item in the window “object list” as ramp, horizon… But I can’t see the guide line red and modifier them.
I followed the procedure explained in the master Silhouette, and all video tutorial. Also read the manual from Boris FX…but there are 2 days I try without result. Pls can you help me? I’m working on Mac 13 M1 and use Silhouette plugin for After Effects. Best Regards :slight_smile:

@marcoamato I am sorry to say that a recent update broke the Depth node and we will fix this in a future point release. If you are need of this feature, use this version of Silhouette: Boris FX | Silhouette 2022 for macOS

thank you Marco, but I bought 1 month Silhouette for After Effects and for use the Depth node I need to buy another license?
Have nice time and thx

No, you don’t need to purchase another license. Your current license will run the current and older versions of Silhouette.