Difference between remove and insert

What’s the difference I never used insert before

As the names imply:

  • Remove removes things: You mask the thing you want to remove and use background layers with tracking to remove the foreground
  • Insert inserts things: You assign a new image or clip to be inserted into the layer surface. This is similar to exporting a corner pin, but you are rendering using Mocha instead of another program.

Now, you can use the Remove module to insert things if you paint them into a clean plate, but that is generally overkill. Insert is designed to position, modify and mask out specific clips into a tracked area.

All of this information is available to discover in the user guide:

I’d like to add, Remove is basically an automated patch that uses background pixels or painted frames to assist taking an object out of a scene with lighting changes. It does not like shadows or occlusions in front of what you’re trying to remove. And it does not use motion blur that doesn’t come from surrounding pixels.

Insert is a manual patching tool with no lighting adjustments and is a good option for objects that are occluded or tricky. Also, it has a built in grid warp so can be a decent option for complex objects. Insert renders with calculated motion blur.

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