Difference between rendering in Mocha Pro and Premier

Adobe Premiere 2020
Mocha Pro plugin 7.0.4
Windows 10 Pro

I’m doing a replace on a stationary object. When I render inside of Mocha Pro everything looks good. The replaced area is sharp and the lighting matches. There are a couple of minor issues, but it looks good.

I save it, go back into Premier, render out the clip and it looks terrible. The replaced area is not tracking the same, the area is blurry and the lighting no longer matches.

Why don’t the two renders match? How can I get what I see in Mocha Pro into my project?

I figured it out. The issue relates to effect stacking. It appears that effects are not rendered inside Mocha Pro in the same order as Premiere. Inside of Mocha Pro the video showed with all effects in place. In this case, I did a color correction and time remapping was turned on. When I did the render in Premiere, it appears that the color correction was applied to the base video but not the replacement patch and that the time remapping completely threw off the tracking. Even so the remapping was set at 100% for the entire clip, it appears it still effected the results.

I expect this is in the documentation or training videos somewhere. But for anyone looking, here it is again.

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Thank you for posting your solution!

This sounds correct. Thanks for coming back Neal!

Your best option is to nest other effects before applying Mocha (or vice versa). There is a similar approach with After Effects to avoid frame remapping issues.