Difference in Licensing

Hello all!
I am a Motion Designer looking to purchase the Mocha VR plugin for my recent project.
Just wanna check do you guys purchase Mocha Pro 2019?
I am only using it for this year, so I would like to clarify if the annual licensing allows me to renew on a yearly basis.

Hope to get some kind answers! :slight_smile:

Hi Kelly,
All the features of Mocha VR are now found in Mocha Pro 2019. The best option for you would be to purchase the annual subscription and yes, you have the option to renew it every year.

Assuming you are working with Adobe, the annual subscription cost is $295/USD per year. You can purchase this here: Boris FX | Boris FX Store

The difference in pricing is that a full/new purchase of Mocha Pro for Adobe is $695. This is a license that you own and will not timeout after 1 year. However, there is a upgrade & support fee for future major versions that come out after 1 year.

Hope this helps!

Yes! Thank you so much!

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