Differences between 360 view mode and the regular one


I’m inserting an image in the layer using the 360 view mode. Everything looks fine. But when switching to the regular view a central piece of removing object is visible.

Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!


Can you see if you can adjust the remove shape in the equirectangular view to cover the entirety of the object you are trying to remove? It looks like your shape isn’t covering the drone fully in the equirectangular view for some reason.

Try that and let me know?


To be honest the shape tool works a bit strange in the equirectangular view when working with something on the top. Because of that I’ve used 360 view to cover the drone and it covers the drone entirely. But after switching to the equirectangular view there is a kind of not covered space as you’ve mentioned.

I see that, which makes me think there’s something wrong with that shape. Can you try a different one?

It seems that using the Feather tab during insertion causes different views in the 360 and the equirectangular views. So when I don’t use Feather everything is OK, but if it is activated (e.g. 0.15) the equirectangular view shows the parts of the drone (although the 360 view doesn’t).

Interesting, we will need to test that. @martinb should know about this.

Unfortunatelly but in v 7.0.0 I have the same problem …