Difficult Background Removal in Dolly Back Shot

I have a dolly back shot in which a house alarm panel is distractingly visible right behind the actors face. Between the actor and the alarm panel is a pillar. So as the camera moves back, the actors face and the door frame obscure the alarm panel more. I’ve roto’d the actors face and tracked the exact area of the wall with the alarm panel. Basically what I want to do is attach an image of the wall—in which I’ve clone-stamped out the alarm panel in Photoshop—to the wall the alarm panel is on so that it moves and scales along with the wall, but masks it according the splines that track the area.
Beginning of shot; camera is close to actor:

End of shot; camera has pulled back from actor:

Create a new layer and use the link to track drop down to select the tracking layer.

So if you tracked on layer 1 and used that for your insert clip, remove the insert from that layer and make a new layer with the inserted clip and link that to layer 1. Also make sure your surface tool is the same size as the insert image.

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As stated above, the insert is the best method to patch over this.

We actually have a tutorial on this exact procedure here that you might find helpful: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


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Thank you! This worked exactly as I’d hoped.

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One question though: I’ve done several inserts on this one shot: one behind the actors head (as above), plus two areas I replaced to blur out some artwork and book titles, an area where some wires were showing. However, when I bring it back into After Effects only one of the inserts will render. Is it the case that I can only do one at a time?

They should render to your timeline, if not we will look into this as a bug, as a workaround, render inside of Mocha and use export rendered clip to export the rendered frames.

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