Difficult scene to track part 1/2

I hope that I didn’t use the wrong term regarding my subject.

To jump right on it; what does a difficult scene or shot mean as a Mocha user?

  • Does it mean the user, doesn’t’ have the sufficient experience & knowledge to apply the right technique on a particular scene or shot?
  • Or yes! There’s some difficult shot or scene to track; whatever your experience is?

Thanks to the Free online tutorials from Martin Brennand, Mary Poplin and Ben Brownlee I have most of the time clean tracks on Mocha AE.

Below, you may find what I consider to be a difficult scene:
LINK: https://goo.gl/YZkbPT

My track:
My main object to track is “the Empire State building” that I would like to colorize in green.

My issue:
I tried to track the Empire State building (green track) from the beginning of the video + up to the end = and I can’t.

The reason I may think it won’t work are the following:

  • At the foreground > we have objects (building) moving very fast (blur)
  • The camera changes the angle > on the same shot

My concern:
I couldn’t have a decent track from the beginning of the video > as at the foreground > we have “the building blocks” moving fast (+blur) and hiding at the same time “the Empire State building” track.

When I finally got a decent track, it collapse almost as the camera change speed & angle.

If there’s anyone having the time to respond, I guarantee, it will make my day :slight_smile:

Do you think, it this a difficult scene to track?

Thks !!!

This is a slightly difficult track, but it’s more tedious than difficult. You need to track it in pieces, not all in one shape.

Track one plane at a time. Not the whole building.
Avoid occlusions. You can use holdout mattes in the layers above your track OR simply move your shape as you track.
Animate your shapes to correct any problems.

That’s all you have to do!

Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of the office.


This is great great news!!! Thank you for your awesome help !