Difficult track and Remove


https://www.dropbox.com/s/<wbr />f3i7reb7xo5xg16/nuk_232_Alex_<wbr />3.mov?dl=0

So I’ve managed to track the truck to create a roto shape good enough to put the truck back in over the matte painting. However as the truck goes off screen the track is not good enough to use to replace the logo, and you can see the it slip, especially in the area where I created the clean plate. In the FXPHD lesson I think they got away with it, as they just added a logo to the left of the main text, so it wasn’t on screen for as long and didn’t need to clean plate it. But I want to replace that text all together.

I’ve also tried creating a clean plate, and removing it, in Mocha. I’ve had some success, but it has issues matching the lighting, even in different lighting modes, and the clean plate doesn’t work so well as the truck gets smaller.

Hopefully that makes sense.
I’m very new to Mocha, so may be missing something obvious. Any suggestion on how this might be achieved are appreciated.

Many thanks,




Hi there,

That link does not work for me. However, you might need to use manual track in order to get the res of the track offscreen in a satisfactory way, or just use translation. Are you using the FX PHD footage or another piece of footage?

Lighting adjustments in mocha’s remove tool have the same sort of functionality as the heal tool in photoshop, so if the roto touches darker areas in order to change the lighting, the dark areas will be pulled into your lighting model. You can either adjust your roto, or turn illumination modeling off and correct it by hand if you continue to get poor results.

Please let me know more and I will be happy to help you.

Hi Mary,

Sorry, I’m having big issue using this forum, it wouldn’t accept my post, or let me change my username! I think the link may have become broken in the process of figuring out what was the issue! Anyway, let me try that again (I have not tried to remove the logo in this clip, its just to show the movement):

Yes its the same FXPHD footage, I’ve just added a matte painting.

Ive turned on the grid to help me see what the planar shape is doing as it goes off screen, but to keep everything in the right proportions, the planar shape has to get pretty big, as this point Mocha seems to break down and keeps dropping the corners back to a different position or gives me errors and stops working!

So I thought if I can use Mocha to remove the text on the truck, I could probably get away with the new logo a lot easier. But his is where the problems above come in with the illumination not matching.

Maybe I could use a few clean plates? Is it possible to blend them?



sorry still having issues with the forum, it wont let me post things!

Anyway this part was meant to be after the matte painting sentence: Thanks for the tip about the similarity to the heal tool, that will explain some of my issues. to remove the existing text on the truck.

and this bit too…

i did a manual track as you did in the lesson, but is good enough for a matte, but not for creating a patch to remove the existing text on the truck.

To follow up here are some screen grabs of the issues I have, as the truck goes off screen it gets very big, so I have to zoom out a long way to see, which makes it hard. then when I try to adjust it, I get the error shown and I have to re load it and start again!

If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it.