Difficult track glass door

Hey everyone, looking for advise on removing the reflection of the light from this shot




Have tried all parts of the door, bottom of the glass etc. anywhere there was no glare, multiple beziers but unfortunately the track is not stable. Also I thought I should create a clean plate from 1 of the frames after the light reflection passes, bring it into PS and make it as straight as possible and corner pin that to hide the reflection. I know using a freeze frame will pause the movement behind the glass but hopefully I can fade the patch in and out over the shot to minimize that.





Anybody have any suggestions? Gettin bald pulling my hair out on this one

Haven;t you considered the use of frost glass instead? That is what I am using and in fact it even how strong the sunlight penetrates inside, the light is still cool not giving any glares at all. The frost glass door are from http://caldwells.com/interior-doors.

I can’t see the video, so I can’t quite tell you how to track it. But in general, try tracking the edges on reflective objects to get a better track. Alternately, a wall that moves similarly, if you can’t track the door properly.