Difficulty with tracking a very long dolley shot of a map

Hello all. Looking for some advice on a long tracking shot of a board game map.

Using Mocha Pro for AE Ver 8.03

Goal: Client wants a bright line moving along the tracks of this game (the blocks that connect cities on the board).

Attempts: I’ve tried using a unlinked track of the entire map to give me a Position/Scale/Rotation data I’ve assigned to a null. Because of the wide lens, which I have undistorted in Mocha, the details I lay on top drift heavily. I’ve also tried doing a corner pin but because of the size of the map and length of the shot I get a buffer error.

Video Sample: Youtube Link

So I thought this would be the easiest shot to track but have realized I don’t have a solution for tracking the entire shot where I can then overlay a moving train or line that follows the blocks in the shot.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I’ll continue working and share any solutions I find.



Yay for Ticket to Ride!

Is the shot you linked the distorted or undistorted version?
How long is the track? Longer than what you posted above?

Hi Martin! This is a lower resolution video (per clients request). This is the undistorted. I found some lines in the board and did the distort test in Mocha but have not rendered out undistorted footage. The track is the full length.

I feel like I’m running up against how close the lens is to the board, even when I get a corner point track to a center area of the map, when I base my graphic adjustments on that in After Effects (via parenting) the further away from the center corner pin the more things drift.

I’m still very new to Mocha (though getting some wonderful tracks/rotoscopes for the rest of this video) and am wondering if the solution is to not worry about the track but just roto the track lines in Mocha as masks at this point.

Do you mind sending me the clip in file format? This should be fairly straightforward so i’m curious to know where the break is. You can send it to martinb at borisfx.com and I can follow up.

Will do! Should I also sent along a simple AE file with my attempts? Will that include the Mocha saved file or is that stored elsewhere? Is MOV acceptable for the video?

I also want to think about my goals here. Initially I wanted a track that I could use as a point of refence for additional graphics work. But given the camera angle and long track I’m not sure that is reasonable, perhaps I should be focusing on just tracking the block roads as mask to use in AE. Hmmmmmm.

Send along the AEP file just in case. It can help us to find out if we need to explain workflows clearer or if there is a problem.

@martinb Thank you, I’ll be sending you a DB folder link with a higher resolution video, AE file with just the track shot in it and a scene file exported from the Mocha plugin.