Dim Grid Scan 01, control 'scan'?

Hi, I came across this preset, I’d like to know how to stop/control the scan effect,
the rolling brightness/layering, ?
I’ve set everything to 0 or constant, i’ve changed the particle shape but it still scrolls :man_shrugging::exploding_head::confused:
It’s not so much that i want to stop it, i want to know how & why it does that so i can understand how it works.

Ok, I sort of understand it’s to do with the emitter revolution emitting & the life of the particle, the scanning is a result of emitters overlaying each other, i think, :joy::exploding_head::+1:
I put them in a circle to see how they appeared, in a square plane the repeat emission restarts from the beginning/top so it creates the scan look effect

Yep, you figured out that the “scanning” comes from particles being created on top of existing ones.

This only happens when you use the “emit at points” setting, as the points are used one after another in order – there’s no way to randomize it. If you want to get rid of the “scanning” appearance, you need to reduce either the life or number of particles, but it’s pretty tricky to get the values exactly right so there is no overlap of even a single particle (or gaps if you set them too low).

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Thanks, yeah it’s been an interesting learning process, i like the emit at points option, that gives more control over the particles :+1:
Is there a way to control how fast they are emitted ? i was reducing the scan to a minimal to see how it was working, set almost everything to 0 but couldn’t slow down the scanning/emitting speed?

PS. i slowed it right down by reducing the Number & adjusting the Life :+1: