Directx Raytracing out soon

Raytracing might help mocha with planes:)

Oh, that’s interesting, I will let Martin know.

That Will Speedup Mocha Standalone For cards w/o raytracing there will be a software fall back layer.
Plugin You may have to use a methor where the ofx sends informaation to DirectX Rattracing Module and visa Versa The NVIDIA 20 Series Have Hardware Raytracing And Thier new Workstation Cards Also. RTX 20 Cards also have OpenCL too. To Speed up AfterEffects on Windows USE a GTX 9+ Seties card And Download the OPtix SDk replace the optix1.dll with the one from the SDK, You Yube Vas Video on it as well :slight_smile:

RTX 2070 Card:RTX 2070

Now Both computers Have Direct X Raytracing Radeon Rays SDKIs open source and cross platform uses OpenCL 1.2

Mocha Pro seemS to work better as A Plug-in than standalone.

its out already with a direct download from MS…but it hits the GPU massively 50% reduction…thus nvidia held back perf stats on press release day