Displacement Maps in Optics

This may be not doable, but I figured I’d ask. I have an image of a model that I wanted to apply a cracked texture to that warps along the skin surface. Specifically I wanted to use a texture generated by S_Grunge. The Gobo filter allows for displacement mapping, but it doesn’t seem the other filters do. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried this within Optics without having to export as a layer to PS? Thanks all.

Are you asking if you can use custom textures in Grunge or if you can use custom textures in any filter?

Note the distort category has some nice emboss effects that can browse and use a texture from file (S_EmbossDistort). You can save a grunge texture out to file and use that?

If you really want to “wrap” it, I would probably use the warper in Photoshop. Optics 2022 added Pin Warp but is not really for a graphic with alpha.

Hope this helps. If you want to share an example of what you are trying to do, I might suggest other techniques.

Thanks for the quick reply Ross. Very much appreciated. I don’t think I was quite clear in what I was asking. More simply I was noting that in the Light module, the gobo’s allow for warping of a gobo using the displacement slider. I’m assuming that’s based on the image luminosity? I was wondering if similar luminosity-based displacements could be accomplished for things like the S_Grunge textures, based on the luminosty of the image. The effect I’m going for is to simulate an cracked eggshell or mosaic type surface on skin. But looking at this a bit more I think I can potentially do that in the Light module using a gobo that simulates that texture. I can displace that as needed and than mask it on the areas I want. Hope that’s clearer.

If you saved out the Grunge texture separately as a jpg or png, you could load that in Light and then displace it.

Yes - Marco beat me to it. You can load any black & white texture into the Light filter. Here is an image that is similar to what you describe (see Browse button):

If you duplicate your Light effect and use masks for various body parts, you can create a fun effect.

Again, depending on your shot, you may get away with this type of technique but for more control for the warp/displacement, the Photoshop puppet warp might be a better option.