Distorted corner pin on distorted Plate for NUKE

Hallo everybody,

In this tut (https://vimeo.com/52231297) I finally found a correct workflow to distort Corner Pin to match the original (distorted) plate. Great!

Now I’m going to make the SAME operation in Nuke, but I didn’t found any tutorial ) or part of it, concerning distort corner pin to match to match the original (distorted) plate. May you help me?

Many thanks!



Hi there,
A nuke corner pin or tracker node is a pretty straightforward process. Boris FX | Documentation

In mocha V4, both tracker nodes and corner pins are copy paste. Simply copy from mocha and paste to your read node you want to affect in Nuke.

Are you having a specific issue? This is probably something we can do a tutorial on.


Hi Mary,
how I said, the specific issue is Distorted corner pin on distorted Plate.
Following your link suggested, exporting Nuke ascii (but also exporting Nuke Corner pin, as well), you can obtain a UNDISTORTED Corner pin. What we need is a DISTORTED Corner pin.
In the tutorial above said, in AE you have to take care to your Logo image : you have to pre-comp it twice and maybe you need to adjust comp size of the second precomp, if it needs…
Therefore I mean you have to take care about this operation in Nuke.
A tutorial about it would be great, because we must not forget that Distort corner pin should be the best practise! I mean, when a director or a Cinematographer chose a Lens they want to suggest an emotional or narrative instance! And we can NOT destroy original lens mood only to make a corner pin…!

Undistorted plate needs only for image reference in a 3d software. Undistort plate (and corner pin), destroys the original size image (you have to crop…) and the mood and visual language of the original lens used !

So, I hope you can make this tut. It 'll be a great contribute for all Mocha user community.

Many thanks!

Oh! Sorry, I know what you need now. You need to export the ST map from the lens tool in mocha, as long as you have used the lens tool on the footage in mocha for a lens solve you can use that data to distort your corner pin from mocha in nuke. You have to comp that ST map in with the corner pin. I actually do have a tutorial on that already; http://www.imagineersystems.com/videos/mocha-pro-v3-1-lens-calibration-and-export-to-nuke/

Does that answer your question?

Hi Mary,

the tutorial suggested shows only how to UNDISTORT plate and how to import in Nuke a UNDISTORTED corner pin to match with UNDISTORTED plate. This is the worst practise… we should never UNDISTORT plate (and corner pin, as well).

Anyway, what I need in only to apply in Nuke, by STMap, a DISTORTED corner pin to match it with original DISTORTED plate (The best practise, always…).

I still didn´t find a tut that shows how to make it.


Please help. Many thanks!

Hi there,

The principle should still be the same across the board though, even the setup, you just apply the distort to the corner pin instead of the undistort. They’re both ST maps.

But yes, I will see about making a specific tutorial for distortion instead of undistortion. :slight_smile:


Hi Mary,
many thanks for your reply.
Yes, the principle should still be the same, but is not so. I think there is a special process to apply distortion , as well as in AE.
I try to make the entire process in Nuke but this is the result:

So, I thing would be great (and necessary) a simple tuts about distort Cornet Pin in a distort plate in Nuke!
Many thanks!

Hi Mary,
i’m going to make a project for the next april with many corner pin and curved corner pins. The only thing I cannot make now is just to dale distortion (distortion instead of undistortion)in Nuke. you’ll promise a specific tutorial about and I’d like to know if it will be as soon as possible available cause I’m blocked on this problem…
Please let me know something abut as soon as possible, otherwise I should chose for an other solution…
I think make a very fast and specific tut about this common issue won’t be a hard work for you.
Anyway, if you have no time to make it, please let me the precedure to deal distortion (not unidistortion) in Nuke via STmap.


Hi there,

I will add it to my queue, but it won’t be this month. There’s a few things I have in the hopper first.


Okay, I hope it will be ready on February!

Many thanks Mary!

Hi Mary, any news about this tutorial?

Many thanks for a reply!

Hi there,

No, it is on my list, but I have a bit of a to-do list for tutorials. I will get to it when I can. And we will post it.


Okay great, many thanks!

Good news! I have a tutorial on the curved surface insert in nuke. http://www.imagineersystems.com/videos/wide-angle-lens-tracking-using-mocha-pro-and-nuke/

If you need to see the nuke file for a breakdown, please click that link and download the nuke file.


Have a great day!

GREAT Mary, many, many thanks!

P.s. Simply the best!

Happy to help :slight_smile: