Do not understand the clone tool in Continuum

Just purchased Continuum on the Black Friday offer. One of the most interesting parts of it is the remove tool. But I can not figure out how it works on Davinci Resolve 16.3. The native clone OFX of Davinci is straightforward. You select your source point you can see it automatically cloned on the destination. Not so on continuum . I tried the basic “clone spot” not shape because I have seen it is more advanced. But nothing is cloned correctly. I move the source around but nothing changes in the destination. I don’t get it. What is it I am doing wrong here?

Also when I enter the FX Browser I can see the cloned spot (wrong) where I selected the wick as the source but I cannot do anything inside the Browser as with the other plugins. Is this normal? Is the browser only to see the results and nothing more in the clone OFX ?

I am totally confused how the Boris Clone tool works inside Davinci or maybe it is not working properly in Davinci Resolve yet?


It looks like you’ve found a bug. I confirm that v14.0.0 of BCC Remover is not work working as expected in Resolve (or Nuke for that matter). It appears to work fine in Vegas so it apparently only affects certain OFX hosts.

We will get this fixed in the 14.0.1 maintenance release. I can’t give an exact date but I would estimate roughly 2-3 weeks. In the meantime here are a couple possible workarounds:

-Use the Clone Shape method instead of Clone Spot. This mode appears to work as expected.
-Install Continuum 2020.5 v13.5.1 for the time being instead of using 14.0.0. Your v14 license will work fine in v13.5 and this bug does not happen in the 13.5 version.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting.


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Thank you very much for the explanation and solution until it is fixed.


Continuum 2021 v14.0.1 was just released, and it contains a fix for the BCC Remover problem in OFX hosts. Please let us know if you see any remaining problems.


Wow, a bug from being mentioned to being fixed, just one month!