DOD/insert/S-Zdefocus not lining up

I’m having an issue I had before… it was addressed in a previous update and now it’s back.

1- When my insert (with S_Zdefocus) hits an edge it starts wandering :face_with_head_bandage:
2-The insert image disappears randomly while rendering… have tried purging cache, still happens.

Can you show your node tree structure please, and where do you place DOD nodes? Did you adjusted the values inside?

Jiggling the size (DOD) and setting back to scene size seems to have fixed it for now

My bigger issue right now is I can only render sequences by spooling rendered frames into preview window (40-60 at a time) then rendering out those frames… then I advance and repeat.
If I just hit render my insert completely disappears !! :sob:

I think I have found an issue with Linear Gradient / Transform when it is distorted to certain angles. Could you render out your linear gradient and use that as the source input into the Transform and see if it still disappears?

Unfortunately, this is a regression from when it was fixed in 2022.0.3. We’ll have to figure out what busted it and then fix it again.

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