Does 3D allow ALPHA channel?

Using VegasPro19.

I Applied pI and I get ALPHA:

I Applied Particle Emitter 3D I don’t get ALPHA:

This must be a User Error - methinks? :thinking:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, i think this has limited controls in Vegas, it has to be applied to a separate layer on a solid or empty event, (i might be wrong)
I tried this but the particles aren’t interacting with the PI fx it’s just the default Emitter 3D settings,
it crashed Vegas a few times so i couldn’t get any further,

watch this
or maybe this :man_shrugging:

Sure, but I’m not convinced it isn’t a bug. Why have a 3D without an ALPHA component? Odd.

Yeah, but i think it’s a Vegas bug if it is, & if you put it on the layer/track above it does have alpha,
I just applied it in Vegas Effects, i didn’t go too far, I might have a play later following the vid links i posted above,
but so far it is looking like it’s working as per those vids, i had to apply it as a ‘Plane’, in those vids he’s using AE so he applied it to a Solid,
I suspect you can’t just add it as you do other fx’s, it needs to be in conjunction with other’s, like Layer maps etc.,
I need to learn how to apply it tho, if you find a good vid, post the link on here :+1: