Does BCC recognize old RED projects?

I have projects created in Avid Xpress Pro HD in which I used Boris RED v4.3 (in the form of Avid FX).

I have now migrated to a new HP workstation and Media Composer 2021.9, bought Boris BCC & Mocha, and I want to do further editing on some of my old Xpress Pro HD projects that include RED projects.

Since Boris is no longer selling RED, and I can’t get a valid registration key for my old RED software on my new workstation, I’m wondering if it will be worth my while to transfer my old Xpress Pro HD projects to my new workstation.

So my questions are:

  1. Will BCC recognize (and be able to operate) the old RED projects incorporated into the old Xpress Pro HD projects?
  2. If not, is there some workaround other than recreating the RED project in BCC to fulfill the same FX needs in the old projects?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Ken,

The Boris RED/Graffiti/FX plug-in applications have been deprecated for quite a while now and have not been tested in current host applications or OS platforms. BCC (Continuum) and RED are totally different products and do not share the same code so therefore it’s not possible for BCC to open a Boris RED project file.

One workflow that you might consider is to maintain the old workstation for any projects that include instances of Boris RED and for all new projects, complete them using the tools that are available in BCC.

It may be possible for you to recreate the RED projects using BCC but there’s a bit of work involved as you would have to manually regenerate the looks using the new toolset.

Another option to consider is using the render option in Boris RED to export all of the Boris RED projects to disc - it’ll be a flattened .mov file of course and so won’t be editable when you import the movie clip into the new project but it should provide you with a quick and easy way to bring the effect over to the new system to complete the project.

I hope this helps.


Boris Red provides a powerful Compositor for NLE beyond Adobe. miss it so much.

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for the comprehensive and detailed reply! You thoroughly answered my questions, and I greatly appreciate it!

But…darn! It woulda been so nice to work those old projects with Media Composer, BCC & Mocha.

So I guess I’ll be keeping my old workstation. Oh, well!

Thanks again for your answer!