Does Megaplate work like the Panorama on our Smart phone cameras?

Some days ago, I decided to play with my camera and found the panorama feature. As I was moving the phone from left to right, following the instructions on the screen, it reminded me of mocha’s megaplate module.

Then I was asking myself, is this the same way the software captures and stitches the images together? And is this why they say not all shots can be a candidate for megaplate? or not all shot are good candidates for a remove probably because of small and large parallax?

Kindof, yes, it’s a similar math operation but not exactly the same. But yes, for the same reason some panos are not ideal, some MegaPlates will not be ideal, and all of that is the “parallax problem” we all know and “love” from in camera capture.

Thanks Mary.

With this realization, I decided to create a megaplate for a remove. It worked. I’m happy about that. Jumped into photoshop, cleaned the plate. Went back to mocha, clicked on the remove module, clicked on My foreground layer, under cleanplate, imported my megacleanplate, a pop up appeared and hit yes. Then hit render, the first frame was fine, but the other seemed like my remove was moving. Why is this happening. Thanks.

It is either happening because the track is not ideal OR it is happening because the curve of the lens is not being accounted for. It could be a mixture of the two. Often, it is helpful to try and make a MegaPlate for Removes in the middle of the free-range to compensate for this. Sometimes it is helpful to make multiple MegaPlates to get around this. And sometimes it is best to solve for the lens first before attempting this kind of Remove. It will depend on the shot, without seeing it I have a hard time diagnosing it.

Wow. Thank you Mary.

First of all,it is a drone shot. It didn’t look like it had some level distortion. Hmm who knows? Maybe I didn’t notice.

Secondly, it is true, in the manual, it is advised to render in the middle of the pan. But what if I wanted a “full capture.” So I go to the end of the pan, and i hit render. Is it advisable to do?

Thanks for your response once again

It uses all the data in all the frames within the shape from beginning to end and according to the track, so it should still capture the “full range.”

ok thank you.

I remember you said “without seeing it I have a hard time diagnosing it.”

Update: I used lens module, it turns out the drone shot was distorted slightly. Now I can use the undistorted shot in remove, even after choosing it in the input clip dropdown.

Perfect. You actually need to re-track it once you solve for a lens. Try that and let me know what results you get. And if they’re still bad I’ll take a look.

Sadly. It didn’t work. I thought of recording as I’m doing the process. I have a feeling you’ll know immediately what the problem is. Thanks.

Update: here is a link. I uploaded a screen record to youtube.

Try setting your cleanplate frame number from “all” to the frame you took the MegaPlate from and let me know if that helps.

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Ok I’ll try it!

Update: Wow Mary!!! I’m so happy it worked. Hats off!!!

But ahh one more thing.