Does Mocha insert not read Silhouette node tree?

-I am using Mocha Pro node in Silhouette.
-Character swipes phone screen, so I am doing some (node) transforms to two images.
(swipe from one to the other)
-I want to feed this as an input (insert) layer to my Mocha Pro node.
-In Mocha insert tab I can’t see the result, only works if i pipe image directly to node. :pleading_face:
-Do i need to prerender this? (I don’t want to because there are two different transforms* going on and the motion blur wont be accurate)

*(on screen swiping motion vs tracked phone in scene)

Have you selected “Insert Layer” from the Insert clip options?

Yes… it works when I pipe in the footage directly, so i have it set up right.

I’ve gone ahead and prerendered, but it seems weird that a node does not read the node tree.

Any kind of node complication above the input layer part of the mocha node makes for a blank screen in the mocha insert module.

Hi, funny I was trying out something sort of similar, this ply board I tracked a couple of yrs ago with Mocha but don’t think I’ve tried it much in Silhouette,
So until you get a reply from the Boris team can you share a screenshot for my own education, I’m curious as to how you’re doing the swiping of the images? thanks :+1:

This is what I have, later on my finger swipes the screen a couple of times imitating swiping the image :grin:

:rofl: you got a reply while i was writing this :rofl::+1:

I just pre-animated and pre-rendered the transform, used horizontal blur to simulate mo blur (looks smoother) and I used Math Compositeadd transfer mode instead of compositing so the BG alpha doesn’t leak through.

Composite is a work in progress so dont judge lol

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If it’s feeding in image data it shouldn’t be a problem. I’d probably need to see the node setup.
It could be an alpha issue possibly, or some other residual item, or a bug.

When you view the Insert clip directly via the clip preview dropdown in the top left of the viewer, is the view just blank? What happens if you turn off RGB or Alpha?

EDIT: I replied while you were replying so I now see the node tree thanks.

What you are seeing is my work around…
I’ll put together a node tree so you can see

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It probably is some alpha problem… unfortunately I need to get back to work, maybe I can sort this out later.
What makes me think its a bug is it works when I pipe footage in directly.
Thanks for now.

Thanks for sharing :+1:
Just thought I’d share this vid to show why I’m asking,
The image Transforms/moves across with keyframes but in the Mocha node it just squashes the two & in Mocha itself the wrong one goes the wrong way :man_facepalming::rofl::upside_down_face::+1:
I hope you work yours out, I think I need to go back to school with mine :man_shrugging::rofl:

Sorry for jumping on your post

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