Does Mocha know where there edge of the frame is?

I’m tracking a screen which goes completely out of frame - does Mocha “know” where the edge of the frame is ?

Meaning my "track layer " is basically a rectangle that acts as a hole cutter through which Mocha “sees” pixels to analyze - but as the pixels disappear out side of frame they no longer exist to be tracked, doh! but does Mocha still consider the "blank " area under the track spline valid or is the analysis “window” automatically occluded by the extents of the “format” window ?

I ask because manually key framing the “track” spline so it never crosses the extents of the format produces different track results ?


You set that in the Clip panel. Drag the edges of the dashed yellow rectangle to correspond to what you want the frame limits to be.

The best way to handle a track that completely goes off-screen is stop the track on the last properly tracked from and then move your layer (shape) to something that is moving in the same relative direction as your track object. Track from there.

There is also some useful ways to create new reference offset markers in the AdjustTrack module.