Does Mocha Pro support Davinci Resolve 17.x?


does Mocha pro support the Fusion Page of Davinci Resolve 17.4.x? I know that Saphhire does and Continuum doesn’t at this time. How about Mocha Pro?

BorisFX’s host compatibility webpage shows that Mocha is supported in Fusion 17, as per:
Host Compatibility

Also, the Tech/Specs listing on Mocha Pro’s product page likewise lists Mocha Pro 2022 as having plug-in support in Fusion, as per: Mocha Pro Tech/Specs

However, Resolve itself isn’t listed as having Mocha Pro plug-in support though the Tech/Specs page shows that there is Mocha Pro ‘workflow’ support in both Fusion and Resolve.

Mocha Pro does not “officially” support Resolve but it is a gray area as we know a lot of users are running Mocha Pro with Resolve.

It has been a while since I have personally tested, but possibly this can help:

  1. Mocha Pro running in the Fusion standalone is fully supported.

  2. Mocha Pro running in Fusion page of Resolve is mostly working.

  3. Mocha Pro running in Resolves Color page works for roto/masking but modules that render like Insert and stabilization render slower than on other host platforms. The Remove Module and MegaPlate have issues because they require access to multiple frames. For these reasons, Boris FX does not fully qualify Mocha Pro OFX for Resolve.

Another option that some users take is to run Mocha Pro standalone in tandem with Resolve OR the run Mocha Pro plugin from within Resolve but Render out to file (then link the render back in) instead of rendering back in the host.

Hope this helps. We’d love to have more Resolve users provide feedback on how Mocha Pro is working for them. A lot of the OFX support boils down to how the Davinci team implements OFX.