Does re-tracking erase previous Mocha track data?


For example: I do a track with all settings checked, including perspective. If I re-track a section with just translation and on, does skew and perspective get erased / zeroed out? I did a quick test and when I re-track a section of my clip, the Dope Sheet still shows markers in skew and perspective.


not sure, but I do know that when you click on the different tracking modes keyframes are set.
if you click in the box that surrounds the area, you should see keyframes for tracking modes show up on the time line. You can use the minus button to remove them.


That’s correct. Tracking is cumulative on a layer so the keyframes are not erased when you retrack. Of course, if you change the general parameters they will be overwritten, but reducing the motion types will not erase them on retrack.

We’re actually correcting in the next version for this very scenario.


Interesting. Thanks.


Thanks for the confirmation, martinb. That seems to explain why deleting a layer and starting over has fixed tracking problems for me at times. I imagine cumulative tracking can come in handy, so long as one knows it’s happening.


I believe to access all of the keyframes hit the dopesheet tab.