Does Sapphire contain a Alpha-filling mirror FX?


Not quite sure what you mean by this, please try and provide more information and description in your question.


This is my clip:无标题

Does Sapphire contain a Alpha-filling mirror FX to make this: 无标题2

HI [1102754536],

It depends on which effect you are using. Most Sapphire effects have it, when applicable, in an option called “Wrap X” and “Wrap Y.”

To accomplish the effect you posted, use S_WarpTransform, Choose “Reflect” for both Wrap_X and Wrap_Y. Then keyframe your Z Dist and Rotate variables.

Unfortunately from what I have gathered the Continuum and Sapphire teams work separately and MOST Continuum plugins don’t have this. (I have found one, but it didn’t help me accomplish something like this.)

Hello, my clip is already rotating and scaling, not still image or frame !

So Wrap_X and Wrap_Y can’t fill black area.

Use Builder (S_Effect). You can add a solid color node, then use the SetAlpha node to fill the alpha channel.

Hello,Does Sapphire 2019’s S_Effect not support Vegas Pro 17.0?

Vegas Pro was added in the 2020.5 release.



Wow, Thanks