Doing an insert with dramatic change

I can’t quite figure out the best approach on this shot. Need to remove the necklace. He walks out of the door. Comes to the spot you see here. Look to the right and then walks out of the shot towards the camera - lots of motion bur with he gets close to the camera.

The thing to note here is the variance of shadow on his neck - this is the tricky part and maybe I’m just not thinking how to do it correctly. When I first looked this shot I thought no big deal, this will be easy.

If you have a suggestion, that would be great!!


Hi there, I’d patch it with either insert OR PowerMesh in Mocha Pro and then roto a new shadow over the top. You might have to hand animate some lighting changes and feather a lot to get it right. I’d use a blending mode like Darken to blend the new rotoscoped shadow into the old one.

Try that and let me know if it works for you.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.