Doing Mocha Pro Tutorial

Hey peeps,

this is a bit embarrassing, I am on the first tutorial. When I implement the x-spline tracking like they show (Done using shape tool as basic pencil one). Also, add surface/grid.

Soon as I start the tracking, it jumps and then crashes soon after.

I can’t tell anything different than what the video is showing. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, what are you tracking? The essentials tutorial footage or your own?

Can you show a screen grab of the area you’re trying to track?

Hello, Thanks for a quick reply.

I took more screenshots. The video is from tutorial footage.

Really whole screen screenshots are best because then we can see settings. But, from what I can see, if this is being left behind like this it flags as a GPU incompatibility to me. Try turning off GPU tracking in Mocha preferences.