Dolly - Green screen - R3D shot with jittery track results

My first post … I’ll try not to ramble

I’m using Mocha Pro v3.0

I’ve received a dolly shot of some green screen footage using Red Epic camera.

I don’t have any markers on the walls though I wish I had them.

I would like to create a camera solve for 3D camera but my tracks are shaky and often jump off their original plane even though nothing seems to change in the areas I select. There are some shadows that move in the vicinity of the tracking area but not inside it…and there is some vignetting on the corners due to the lens size as well. I’ve made track mattes of the two kids and the C-stands but no luck.

I found a thread that seemed to have similar issues with a portal wall and I attempted to use Mary’s clip tab → colorspace → log settings trick but it doesn’t seem to help at all.

I’ve tried bumping up the pixel amount, tracking with persp. off and then shear off but track is still doing the jitterbug.

I’ve tried tracking multiple planes, keying tracking shapes, creating multiple shapes on the same layer, large and small tracking shapes… I still get the hippy shakes.

I’ve tried tracking original R3D footage and resizing to 1080 with animation codec. They both give me similar results (the file link I’ve attached is ProRes 422).

Is there anything I am missing? I’ve tried everything I know but that’s not a lot since this is my first project using Mocha Pro v3.

Thanks for your help

Here is a link to the movie in my dropbox:

Thanks Mary (BTW you rock)

So I took your advice and tracked in the c-stand and the back wall with the corner shadow… I even got a decent track on the boys shoulder because he doesn’t move all that much. Overall, it appears as though I have like 4 pretty decent tracks.

I can’t find the right combination of these tracks for the camera solve though. The best I could get is a 46% accuracy on the cstand tracks (1 flag and 1 pole). I’ve tried just about every combination of tracks for the solver but I mostly get 0-8% accuracy on everything else. Maybe I don’t have an acute eye for proper tracks but they appear pretty solid to me. We used a 25mm lens during the shoot and I’ve set the camera to large para, >35 and zooming.

There were a few bumps during the dolly move. Are those throwing the solve off? Is the vignetting messing with some of the tracking?

I just would like to understand how mocha thinks a little bit more so I can be better prepared for future projects… thanks for your help

Turn your grid and surface tools on to check the track, then make the surface tool very small in order to solve for the camera. Do not use the guy’s shoulder, he is a moving object even if he doesn’t look like it.

Wow, there is just no data there.

OK, try tracking the shadows. Try tracking the c stands only. You’ve got a hard row to hoe there. You can use the stools and C stands to try to get a 3D solve.

You may need to use the shadows if you can. It does not seem like they’re changing that much.