Don't track anything in my layer

I have the hands of a subject tracked, which the subject waves in front of himself. It would be good if I could use this data to tell Mocha not to track where the hands layer goes.

I know you can deal with obstructions or reflective surfaces using a second mask, but I already have this data tracked.

Have I missed this feature?

Hi Mark,

Is the hand mask data in Mocha or is the data coming from somewhere else?

Hey Martin,

The hand mask is tracked in Mocha

Hey there,
Well, actually you could track your new spline by letting the hands shape below and asking Mocha to substract this very hands track… Did you do it ?

I haven’t done that, but I’ll look into how to do it.

Thank you

Holdout mattes in Mocha are determined by a user defines layer order. If you stack foreground layers on top of background layers you will always get those masks held out automatically from the layers below them. So if you put your subjects hand tracks at the top of the layer pile and anything else you need to track below them in the layer pile, the hands will hold out from layers below. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already tracked those layers, you can just re-track the layers below the hands.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Well that makes sense! and yep it worked. I kept the hand layer visible, I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

So a good work flow is to track the foreground first. Good to know. I should pay closer attention to the training videos. :eyes:

Thank you

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Whether visibility is on or off, top layers are held out from the ones below. :slight_smile:

Without reordering layers is there a way to have Mocha ignore the layer in the hierarchy? if not can this be added as a feature request? When i am evangelizing new Mocha users from the dark side, this does seem to cause confusion when layers are visibly off but are actively on. Maybe a second radio button next to the eyeball button in the layers list?