Dope sheet tab is not displayed

In my copy of Mocha there is no Dope sheet tab. I’ve reinstalled the software but the UI doesn’t display this tab. I need heeeeelp!!! I tried looking in the View menu but I couldn’t find it!


The dope sheet tab should be on the side panel to the far left.
You literally cannot hide it unless you close the parameters panel. Can you show me a screen grab of your setup?

I can’t even find it in the parameters panel!

Which version are you using?

After Effect CS6

Ah right! That’s the issue.

Mocha AE CS6 (i.e version 2.6.2) doesn’t have the dopesheet, only later versions. You would need to update to AE CC or have Mocha Pro to get the dope sheet.

Ok, thank you!!

Speaking as another CS6er, well worth going Pro for a number of reasons besides the dope sheet as you might imagine. Not being able to go the plug-in route is more an inconvenience but would be nice to have a couple of the features certainly. For that reason, I like to use MochaImport+ as well if you aren’t already to simplify most tasks.