Dope sheet

How in the DOPE SHEET editor to copy data from one frame of one layer to another layer to the same property, as shown in the screenshot ?

Copying track data from one layer to another will likely give you awful results, but you should just be able to select the layer and track location in the menu and paste the data. Are you unable to?

No I can not. Tell me how?

After some testing, it looks like you can only paste on the same layer, let me make sure that is the “correct” workflow right now.

But truly, trying to paste tracking data from one different layer to another different layer track will just get you poor tracking results, like a jump in the track. So that may be why.

I’ve never had a need to do that before so I have not tested the workflow, thanks for pointing that out.

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There are quite frequent cases when you need to paste data, for example, position properties from one layer to another layer on one frame or on a group of frames, but the maximum I can do is paste data into the layer from which the copy was made. That is why this question arose.

There are zero instances I have encountered in my career where this is necessary because of how the tracker works, you can’t just “paste” position data from the track, the track isn’t a position in this case. It’s a data set about relative motion.

Mocha Pro is mostly used in video production at intermediate stages. I am entering new markets where Mocha is the main and ultimate service delivery program. And this is tens of thousands of new clients for your company. Minimum. Therefore, in the first step, I work out the work of the program in the most difficult and maximum conditions. This is done to see all the limitations of the Mokka Pro. And I want to see what quality services I can provide. That is why I have already encountered the need to copy data from one layer to another. I am not asking you for every question, but only for those questions that I have not found the answer to anywhere, not on YouTube, or in your reference guide.

I am saying the tracker doesn’t work that way and thinking you can copy “position” data from one layer to another is a fundamental misunderstanding of what the tracker is doing. The tracker is relative data. Relative from one layer won’t translate to another layer well.

The dope sheet is mainly used to slide, copy and delete keys for the layer you are working on. It is not designed for heavy key work.

If you want to link tracking data from one layer to other layers, you can use the “link to track” option in layer properties.

If you can provide some specific case scenarios that you want to fulfil we can file a feature request.

When situations arise that require transferring data from one layer to another through the Dope Sheet, I will inform you.