Dotted line inside shape not there in Silhouette 2020?


I’m new to Silhouette and following a training course. When I draw a shape it does not show up like it does in the video tutorial.

In the tutorial each shape has this inner dotted line and when I draw the shape it does not have this. Is this important and what is it for? How do I get the dotted line?



@jamie.steedman The dashed lines represent a shape that has been feathered. To display feather handles in Reshape mode, press Alt-F. You can then drag the feather handle and the dashed line will appear.

Thanks for explaining. The Alt-F is not working for me, I am on a Mac would it be another shortcut combination? I have selected reshape mode.

If you are using the most recent version of Silhouette, the keyboard shortcut is Alt-F, while older versions would be Cmd-F. Make sure some points are selected so you can see whether the feather handles appear.