Double-click Color Wheel = Crash

Double-clicking on the “puck” inside one of the new color wheels seems to cause instant crash. I verified on two different Windows 10 machines running latest 2021.5 build.

I tried double-clicking because I didn’t see a reset button and thought that might be how one resets the hue/sat change (Adobe design language).

Video is 30 fps 1920x1080 ProRes4444. Session is 16-bit.

Node is “Color Correct” - node tree is default for a paint setup with color correct placed just after the source.

Sometimes needs to be a triple-click to crash.

@dungeonbeach Thanks for finding this. It will be fixed in the next point release. Resetting individual color wheels or all at once can be done by right-clicking in the Color Wheels window and selecting the appropriate option.

Thanks @dungeonbeach - can I ask what were you expecting to happen when you double-click? Maybe we can make it do whatever that is.


I was expecting that when you double-click the puck, it resets to the middle of the wheel (cancel the hue change / sat adjustment).

And when you double click the luminance slider, ditto - reset that slider

Noted, thanks!