Downloaded Demo where do I install my SN?

OK, I’ve purchased the OFX ( yeah Martin I DID do it :sunglasses:) - this for VegasPro16. I had already downloaded and install the DEMO. Now, where do I insert my SN? The instructions I’ve read aren’t clear enough and having Boris Application Manager I don’t just where or what to do?

Please advise,


Launch the Mocha Pro plug-in from Vegas. Inside Mocha under the Help menu you should find the “activate license” dialogue.

First place I looked and nope, not seeing that


It looks like your license is already activated. Under Help, choose> Show Welcome Screen. If it is not activated, it will say Activate or Start in LE Mode.

Yup, did this too. Heres the Welcome Screen:

And yes, when I click on ACTIVATE I get this, which makes no sense to me at all:


It looks to me that you have a trial license already installed and activated. You can see in your top pic that it expires in 10 days. If you have purchased and received a new license, you could choose deactivate your lic now and then reactivate with your new code.

If you are still having issues, you may want to open a support case:

Ross, thank you. Unless I missed it, I hadn’t read anything about your process within the Boris pages, for a person going from Demo to Purchased product.

I’m real glad you’re about, thank you.

Your advice worked.

Thank you.