DPX Files not 10 Bit?


It never thought that the dpx output of mocha could not be 10Bit.

Today I did serveral shots with the remove tool. The Project was set to default tiff-renders.

When I suddenly though: Is that really a 16Bit File? It should as the source is a 10Bit ProRes clip.

But when opening in Photoshop it was a 8-Bit File. Not good.

So I switched to dpx. But those DPX Files cannot be read by Photoshop. When importing into Aftereffects it says “millions of colors”. Thats the Adobe way to say 8-Bit.

Then I found that in the Mocha Preferences there is 2 times tif and 2 times dpx to select. With no further explanation. So I supposed that the second line of “DPX” is maybe a 10 or 16 Bit output. And now the results are much bigger in filesize. So one could think that’s it, but after importing in to Aftereffetcs that still is labeled “millions of colors”.


  • So what are the 4 choices (2 x tiff and 2 x dpx). You should really label them instead of writing the same thing twice.

  • If that are 10 or 16 Bit files now, why aren’t they recognized by Aftereffects ?






I just found that it make no difference which of the 2 tiff or dpx choices you make. The filesize doesn’t change.

So is there no way to get proper 10Bit files out of MOCHA. COuld you please shed some light on that?





Hi Peter,

The bug you’re seeing in Preferences is fixed in V5 which will be out later this year.

The render however is a different story.

All renders to the Results folder are always the highest bit depth possible to retain image quality. If you want to get the DPX render out properly, use the “Export rendered clip” option in the File menu.