DPX Rec709 to Silhouette

Simple question:
How to import DPX with Rec709 colorspace?

Welcome @jacek

Silhouette tries to figure out whether a DPX file is logarithmic or linear based on the file’s header information. Sometimes the program used to create the DPX file writes the wrong information into the header causing Silhouette to think it is Logarithmic when it is Linear and vice versa.

To explicitly set whether or not the file is Logarithmic or Linear

  • Select the source media in the Sources window.
  • In the Object window, change the Interpretation pop-up menu from Auto to either Lin or Log.

Setting the Viewer Colorspace

  • Make sure that the Display Options icon is enabled above the Viewer.
  • In the Color Management toolbar, set the Colorspace and View Xform according to your image specs.
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I tryed, but no luck.

When I enter from nuke via Silhouette Paint plugin - then colorspace is correct.

Just looking at the colorspace you have that set as REC709 should it not be set to linear and viewed as rec709 (which you have).
If it is correct via the plugin then you just need to see how Nuke is handling the conversion to linear and do the same with Silhouette, and it will be correct.
Interested to see how you go :smiley:.

Problem is memory caching. After chenges - I dont see differences. Only after clear cache I see changes.