Draw Particle Illusion Path in Real Time?

Hi Everybody. In the OLD standalone Particle Illusion, before it was bought by BorisFX, you could place an emitter on the “stage”, begin recording and draw (click and drag) a freehand path for the emitter around the stage. Has this been eliminated from the BorisFX version or moved to Mocha or something? All help appreciated.

You can still do it, but it’s a bit hidden – there’s no special function for it. Try this:

  1. Put your emitter on the stage
  2. Click the “animate” button (turn the key icon red)
  3. Select the “Position” parameter
  4. Click on the emitter in the stage as if you were going to drag it around – hold the mouse down
  5. Press the spacebar with your other hand to start playback
  6. Now drag the emitter around – it will create position keys at each frame, just like the old pI3 “Record Position” feature.

We may make this easier to do in the future, but this is pretty close.


Please do Alan! My Graph Tablet is very eager to try it out.

Wow! Thanks, Alan! I’ve always felt that this gives many animations a nice organic and natural feel. I’m so glad it’s still in there!

I just ran across this as a suggested post from the forum and one modification I’d make would be rather than hitting play, use the arrow-right key to advance the current position as you move the emitter around. You can get much more predictable positions that way.