Drift in AE from tracking data export

I tracked footage in Mocha Pro standalone with two shape splines and exported the position/scale/rotation data and pasted on to a solid in AE. The frame rate matches in my composition and in Interpret Footage-Main in AE. I set the timeline to the start before I pasted. The project dimensions also match the footage in Mocha. But there is some slight drift as compared to the Surface in Mocha Pro. What could be wrong?

Update: I was trying to use a screen insert so perhaps the After Effects Transform Data [position, scale and rotation] (*.txt) was the wrong export option for this. Perhaps I shoud have used corner pin export?

The Corner Pin and Corner Pin Supporting Motion Blur are better for simple screen replacements in my experience. Also, check your surface is actually locked to where you want it (i’ve thought “i’ve nailed that track” in the past, but actually, the surface was off a little)…if your composition settings are the same, I’m not sure what the issue could be except the corner pin thing…

For screens you should use the corner pin export, yes. Nulls won’t give you best results for that type of data export.