DSLR Color Space

I’m browsing the web to try and find what color space Canon DSLR video have. Is it sRGB or is it rec.709? Or is it like I saw on creative cow that they shoot in Y’CbCr? When I put my raw video from my camera into Nuke and look what Nuke sees it says "default (gamma 1.8). I have a 550D(T2i) if it makes any difference.

Also, when I put my DSLR footage into i.e After Effects, do I need to change the color management to something or is it kina care for YouTube and web? Also, should I edit in PR the raw videos or convert? I would convert to ProRes if I had a Mac.

Would appreciate answers on all of this so I get a better understanding on what workflow I need for PR, AE and Nuke. Like what converter, prefer free one, to convert my DSLR footage, what color space it have and what color space to use in AE etc.


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