Dual object removal causing error when 1 object goes out of frame

I am using OFX Mocha Pro Ver 6.1.2 build 41.g9c944d33af77 as a plugin in Sony Vegas Pro 13.

I am trying to remove a logo on a city bus which appears above the door and on the side of the bus. The logo above the door goes out of frame at frame 86 (122 frames total). The logo on the side is in the shot the entire time.

If I remove either logo independently, I get a great remove of that particular logo. When I try to remove them both at the same time (both gears active), I get an error around frame 86 when the door logo goes out of frame. I tried setting the out point for the door logo, and the error tells me that I have no tracking information for the remove. If I extend the out point to the end of the video, the error tells me there should be at least one surface to fill.

I have gotten multiple object removes to work when there are objects coming into frame. What am I missing?

I am still a relative newbie working with Mocha. I love it when it works. But sometimes it is very temperamental in its behavior.

I have been noticing some trickiness happening with multiple removes at the same time and I suspect this is a bug we need to track down. Can you try splitting the remove into two instances of the plugin and see if that sorts the issue out for you? You can use the matte to isolate whichever remove is on top of the other.

Try that and let me know?


Thank you, Mary.

Conceptually speaking, I clearly understood your answer.

Technically speaking, how do I do that?

Specifically, can I copy or import the work I’ve already done to duplicate in the second instance of the plugin, or do I have to repeat the work manually?

How do I matte out the remove section within the plugin? I only know how to render to the full frame.


So conceptually speaking we are good.

Technically speaking, you can do this in a few ways. You can either (and I am unfamiliar with Vegas here so bear with me and pick the applicable option) copy and paste the effect onto the same layer, or you can go into your Mocha Pro instance and go to file>export and save the .Mocha file where you can find it again. I recommend backing up Mocha files anyway, it’s helpful if the project fails or gets lost. Then you can apply a new instance on Mocha Pro either on the same clip in the timeline or in a duplicated clip in the layer/track above the original. Go into Mocha and import the .Mocha file, it will be an exact duplicate. Delete any unnecessary layers in the Mocha file to get the desired single layer remove.

You can absolutely copy or import the work you’ve already done to duplicate in the second instance of the plugin. You do not have to repeat the work manually.

To matte out the remove section in the plugin, go to the plugin interface where you assign what layer to render and you can use the “apply matte” option, make sure you choose what mattes to apply by making sure the gear is only on the matte you want to use to constrain the remove.

Can you try that and let me know?


I tried it out and it didn’t quite work.

First attempt. Vegas lets you daisy-chain your plugins. I put two instances of Mocha one after the other and they operated independently. When I tried applying the matte on the second instance, I got an entirely black screen. When I inverted the matte, I got just the matte…in black.

I did the same thing on the first instance in the daisy chain, and I got the matte to display, but it was much, much brighter.

Thinking it might be a compositing issue in the daisy chain, I created a new video track and placed a copy of the clip directly above itself on the new track. I tried different blend modes, but was unable to get a render that didn’t obviously show the matte. Vegas is limited in its ability to composite.

I usually use Hitfilm for compositing, but due to compatibility issues, I can’t launch Mocha Pro from the version of Hitfilm that works with Vegas Pro 13. (No Launch UI button). Vegas Pro 13 uses Hitfilm 3 Pro, not the current version. When MAGIX bought Vegas from Sony, it created a series of licensing and compatibility problems, which is why I haven’t upgraded my film to a newer version of Vegas. (I’m seriously afraid I’ll break something and have to redo a lot of the work I have spent the past three years doing.)

Fortunately, Mocha Pro seems to work pretty well with Vegas 13. Mostly, anyway.

I may have a complicated workaround that may fix the issue. It involves opening the clip in Hitfilm 3, to get the raw unprocessed footage, creating an image sequence, processing the image sequence in the current Hitfilm version, using Mocha there to do the remove, rendering an AVI clip and importing the AVI clip back into Vegas, where the processing (color correction, etc.) will be applied automatically to the new clip. I have done this before, when I didn’t know Mocha was available in Vegas directly, but I’ve been trying to avoid the hassle of doing it this way every time.

My complicated work-around worked. Using a proper compositing program like Hitfilm, using the matte option in the Mocha plugin worked without any issues or special handling.

I opened two copies of the image sequence, performed the remove of the door logo and used the matte option on the top copy and performed the remove on the bus side of the bottom copy and rendered it full frame, giving a complete remove of all the logos.

Thanks for the help.

Glad you’re all set!