Dup error in MEdia Composer

Since upgrading to BCC 2021.5 and Media Composer 2021.6 I am getting this error when applying any BCC effects to an imported alpha channelled graphic in Media Composer (.png, .PSD etc)

MC functions OK and effects all work but am unable to save the project or even delete the BCC effect - if I try I get this Media Composer error message:

Range specified for Dup is outside range of component

(I have flagged this error with Avid and they keep pushing me to Boris as the problem - not Avid)

Jason has knowledge on this topic. See below.

Actually we have been working with Avid engineering on a related issue. They say they have a fix internally which they would hope to include in their August Media Composer update but we are still working to confirm this. It is not specific to Continuum but can affect all third party filters although the details can vary from system to system. The only workaround we’re aware of would be to go back to Media Composer 2021.3 or earlier. If that doesn’t resolve your issue please let us know.


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Thanks Jason

Will do a roll back on MC and let you know the outcome

Hello Jason

Just wondering if you had any further insight from Avid engineers in relation to this issue?

I have as yet been unable to do a rollback to 2021.3 as the system is currently in the middle of another long form project and they are hesitant to let me do a version change mid project.

But this error is killing me on the various other things I am working on!


We expect this to be fixed by Avid when the next version of Media Composer is released.

thanks Jason

Do you have any reference or bug number from the Avid side I can reference?

I believe they are tracking it as MCDEV-14917

thank you


Latest feedback from Avid on this issue:

Entered on: 9/21/2021 10:44 AM Entered by: Joe

Hi Simon,

Sorry for inconvenience.
If this issue is related to MCDEV-14917, this issue has fixed by engineer.
It was planned to be included with Aug release but we didn’t have release on that month.

For proper confirmation, I think we need test from Boris after released.
We are planning to release new version this month so I’ll let you know
once 2021.9 is out.

Best Regards,
Avid Customer Care | APAC