Dust Busting with embedded Alpha Matte

Need to use the remove module for dust busting. The footage has an embedded alpha dust map. I was told that each matte shape in the alpha can be converted into a matte shape in Mocha but can’t find info in the manual. How do I setup the embedded dust map?

You need to make a shape using any of the spline tools, then in layer properties go to the matte clip dropdown menu and click “import.” You can then load in a black and white matte of your preference. Depending on the version of Mocha, you should see the matte on your layer once you import it. We have been seeing a bug where the matte doesn’t import properly, so if that happens let us know what version of Mocha you are on.


Thanks Mary. I’ll give it a try.

Hi Mary,
So I tried to find a way to export a traveling matte from Resolve but can’t find a way to do that. It may be a function that was available in the past but I can’t seem to find that option in the deliver page. Is there a way to tell Mocha Pro to look at the Alpha for the matte?

In Mocha, when I choose “show matte” and turn off “show RGB”, the whole screen turns white.

So technically we haven’t given Resolve the “supported” stamp of approval. I’d go to Mocha File>Export Rendered shapes and render out a matte from Mocha and bring that into Resolve. We are still working with the resolve team to get Mocha to render properly to the timeline in real time. Sorry for the inconvenience, we were hoping to have a solution to this by now but are working hard to make that happen.

Ok. That’s good to know.

It looks like I have no shapes in the Alpha channel, which would be a problem with the footage. Once I get that sorted out, I’ll try your suggestion.

I see you released 2019.5. Sales told me that this version would have support for Resolve but I don’t see that in the release notes. Will that be added as a 2019 dot release?


2019.5 was meant to support Resolve, unfortunately, we are still waiting for a resolution to a timeline compatibility issue that is outside of our control. As soon as it works, I promise, we will be delightedly shouting it from the proverbial rooftops.

Ok, thx