Dynamically adjusting Brush size

Hey Team,

I’m sure someone has already mentioned this, but what would be super helpful would be to be able to hold down a key (one of the square bracket keys as an example), and then being able to click on the interface, and mouse forward or backwards to adjust the size of the brush, without having to “click, click, click, …” on the brackets. This functionality currently exists in After Effects’ Rotobrush as an example.


Thank you, that’s a good idea! We will let @martinb know!

Completely agree with this. The old (and it is very old) way of doing it in Photoshop is really clunky and inprecise compared to modern drag’n’scale approaches. If people want to increase size by single pixel increments, it might be better to do it using either onscreen buttons (next to the size display) or just use a keyboard shortcut

We’ve created a feature request for this. No promises when it will get in as we have a few things to address, but make enough noise and i’m sure it will appear. :slight_smile: