"Ease" for tilt and pan for Reorient?


Is there the “ease” feature for the reorient parameters such as tilt, pan, roll like DaVinci does for its native parameters (zoom, position, etc.)? I’d like to crop from 360 video to a regular 1080p, etc. while panning the frame but the keyframe animation starts and stops too abruptly. The “ease” feature would slow down the panning speed gradually before the panning stops so it would look smooth. Thanks.

(Case Number 00152160)

Sorry. If using Continuum VR reorient, all keyframe interpolation controls like “ease” are depend on the particular host.

For example in Adobe AE or PR, you can ease or ramp keyframes for both native tools and 3rd party plugins.

On Resolve, there Is no ability ease KF animation for OFX plugins. I would suggest that you make a feature request on Resolve’s forums that plugin’s keyframes are treated the same as native tools.

Lastly, you may have more luck applying the Reorient in the Fusion page, which does expose more advanced keyframes control.

Hope this helps

Thank you, rosss!

I tried adding “VCCVRReorient” node in Fusion and I do see that I can edit the curve for the parameters. However, when I render the video, half of the video frames are black especially for the interpolated part. Resolve also crashes often when editing this.

Could you check to see if I’m using the plugin correctly below? If there are instructions or tutorial on how to use BCC VR in the Fusion page, I would appreciate it.

  • Input is 360° video (5.7K) from Insta360 One X. Output (timeline format in project settings) is 720p for this test.
  • Insert a node from Add Tool > Boris Continuum Complete > BCC VR > BCC VR Reorient.
  • Set keyframes on Pan (Y axis) on the “BCCVRReorient1” node.
  • Show the “Spline” window, select “Pan (Y axis)” and make the curve smooth.
  • Render

Thank you!

After trying a few things, I was able to add BCCVRReorient in the Fusion tab and edit the spline curve and render the video successfully. Thank you.
However, if I pan close to 180 or -180 degrees, I see the edge of the image, i.e., it doesn’t have the 360° wrap around. Is that expected?