Easy/simple way to Manual -Track From A to B?

Yeah, I know, he looks great.

OK, I’m tracking in MP and all of this goes fine-ish., but when he goes here, Position A :

Tracking kinda loses the plot, and of course, I need to do things manually. I get it.

Here’s the thing, is there a way to Track Frames in an almost manual way IF I say start here, Position A, and then Position B here:

Going from A to B Mr Dog crosses and recrosses similar tonal backgrounds, making it hugely difficult for AutoTrack to work out the differences and I get in a whole mess of missed Tracking.

BTW, MOCHA-Gang, good to be back amongst y’ll. My PC has been in the Hospital for the last 7 months and I’ve so missed doing this stuff - really!

Here’s MP Workspace movie:

Hi Graham,

The way to get past occlusions like this is to use Manual Track. You have to make s keyframes with manual track with the surface tool or the track forward one frame button or the add keyframe button before he goes behind the rock, and then jump to a frame after he’s visible again and clear of the rock and make a new keyframe by centering the surface tool on him again and keep tracking.

You can do this multiple times in any shot. And that’s the best way to handle occlusions. We do not have an automatic way to extrapolate that track yet.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions and I will be happy to help you.


Hi Mary,

Not heard of :

And yes, I’ve been doing a lot of Manual and some Auto. Is there no way, knowing the direction he’s going, to set a KF at say A and then another KF at B and THEN let MP fill in by some mAuto method?

How do my settings look?

Anywho, I’ll attach the Outcome, It is what it is, but you will clearly see just where I’m struggling. Any additional Ideas will be gratefully received. I need to reduce the MBs of the Vid FIle to upload.

Cheers - Grazie

You know I thought that it was getting stuck because he was going behind the rock. But he’s not going behind any rocks. So please disregard my occlusion thing. I wasn’t looking at it full screen and should have been. It is becoming apparent that I may need to look into glasses…

Try isolating the shape just to his head and then not having such a large shape for his edges. It looks like the shape is getting hung up on background objects because the shape is too big.

You can also try increasing your search area. And you can try taking your tolerance with % of pixels down to about 80%.

See if that works for you. Use manual track of it still umps between frames.

Once your track is complete you can make the shape larger. But there is no way to just have it extrapolate a track. You have to make key frames and have an anime between the two If you can’t get a track on something.

Firstly, I come from a family of Opticians! Secondly, I’ve attached my rubbish results. How do Increase my Search area? Yes, his shape is getting caught up in background objects, but just his Head? So his Head and THEN make a bigger shape - that sounds like Voodoo? I want all of him to be tracked. Don’t understand.
Anyways, see my Upload - not good.

Cheers - G

So the nice thing about Mocha is that once your track is done you can do whatever you want to the shape. I would start over with a new shape just around his head without going over the background much.

You can then use Uber key to make the shape go over his entire body and do any roto corrections with autokey.

Does that make sense?

For some reason I can’t get your video to play. Maybe it hasn’t processed yet.

1 - I’ll try another CODEC to render to for my video. What format does Upload tolerate here?

2 - Uber key? I know where it is on the Toolbar, but making it work to firt over his body is a stretch too far for me, so no, that doesn’t make sense. I wish I knew what you know . . .

3 - Just his head? This is, as you say to ignore as much of the BG as poss.

4 - Taking Tolerance DOWN? So what is that tolerance slider doing?

Cheers - G

Mary, try this one MOV file:

Yes I can see that video. Thank you. I see you what you mean.

Looks like you’re trying to do a remove and what you’re doing is leaving the shadow on the ground so you’re getting a stutter of the shadow instead of including it into the foreground remove shape.

You can use the Uber key which is the U on the bottom right-hand side of the timeline and that will ripple edit your shape across your timeline. Be sure to click the A for Auto key when you’re done so that you can hand animate anything you need to.

The reason you’re getting a really bad remove in the middle is that you have a lot of motion blur and probably a bad track on the background for the remove. This sort of remove problem is usually from a bad track and usually exacerbated by tracking multiplayer objects in a single shape.

In general this is not a very good shot for a remove unless you really narrow down your range in parts or add a lot of cleanplates because there’s so much whip pan and blur and also you are tracking over many multi-layer objects in one shape when removes are meant to go over a single planar object at a time.

You’re going to have to do a lot of hand work to make this shot work as a remove. Including triple checking the background track because that is the only track that matters in a remove. The foreground shape is just to define the pixels to be removed.

I really think you should watch our training series because we cover a lot of this I’m detail in that series. And if you are unsure of the terms I’m using and where the tools are you can find those in our documentation and you can search the PDF for those key phrases. That really should help.

And yes for loose remove shapes you can take the tolerance down and that will help because it doesn’t try to stick so rigidly to an object that’s changing so much over time. Your dog is really changing a lot. So you really only want to grab the translation on the dog and then adjust your shape around it.

Hope that makes sense!

Yes, on many, many counts. The footage doesn’t naturally lend itself to MP. Plus the imperfect Panning and jump through frames is a real impediment.

I think all I can say is that for a learning opportunity this is probably the most difficult place to start, and yet at the same time it’s a good place to get to a higher place.

I’ll persevere, I have another issue-rich sampler that will tax your experience. I know you can’t wait.

As always thanks for your attention and patience.

Cheers - G