Edge Feather is not working "AT ALL"

I created 4 masked layers to remove one object…I put the object layer that should be removed over the top and went to the remove option…I hit the remove button and then I found a sharp-edged “FILL” …But, I want a smoother edge of the object that I am about to remove…The edge feather tool is not working at all…No reverse masking was done…Also, I have stretched the edge layer a lot…It’s still not working…I am using the “Standalone” version…So, please, don’t use these two words “After Effects”…I need to know if edge feather is actually a feature of Mocha Pro 2021 or it’s just a mistakenly added option with no functionality…

Edge feather works for the matte but edge feather is not processed in the Remove. Your best bet there would be creating the remove in a larger shape and refining with the matte.

In general, for control, if objects need to be combined after a remove, I put them in separate layers from the remove for control in the final comp.

I am not trying to be rude but your “explanation” is not crystal clear maybe because this is how intelligent people talk…btw, I have found my solution 3 days ago…I can’t add mask feather in the remove module…I have to undo remove and go back to the “Track” option and track the entire footage again with mask feather…And then, it works…

Hi George,

That’s not rude at all. I am happy to explain further.

The edge feather is not something that gets computed in the remove, basically it just extends the entire remove shape out to the edge of the feather with no real fathering calculated, which is probably why it worked for you. You can also simply make a larger remove shape and then make a smaller “accurate” shape in the Mocha file under all your remove layers and use that as a matte in your final comp (under is key or they will hold out of your remove if the other shapes are on top).

In the Mocha Pro plug-in interface in AE or whatever host you are using, you can apply a matte to the remove layer, which WILL recognize the feather and apply it to the pixel information the remove created.

When I have a complex remove with edge feathering or motion blur needed on top of the remove, I tend to create one layer with my oversized remove on it in AE or whatever host I am in, and then I make another layer on top for my mattes, so that I have more control over the results and also so that those objects do not interfere with any illumination modeling inside of my remove.

Does that make more sense? Please let me know and I will be happy to help you.


Thanks for your information…I just wanted to learn it for making meme videos…You are such a kind and responsible person…Thanks for your hardwork and patience…It takes guts to become a VFX teacher and respond to thousands of people with their different different problems… Salute to you…

Happy to help. :slight_smile: