Edge node connection line colour

Hi, sorry don’t know the correct terms but.
If i create a spline, add a feathered edge to it, the connecting lines are blue :+1:
but if i select one of the feather edge nodes to move it, that connecting line tuns to the same colour as the spline,

In the pics above i’ve arranged them so i can see which is which,
but as the film rolls & the spline moves these can get a bit messy & with the connecting line turning the same colour it can get a bit confusing, I don’t want to delete these nodes as they come back in later,

This is what they’re like midroll :+1:

& this is when they get a bit squished towards the end & beginning of the timeline, which is the connecting line & which is the spline? (It can get a bit messier than in my pics) :woozy_face::man_shrugging::upside_down_face::face_with_monocle:

Is it poss to make these connecting lines a different colour when selected, & if not can a make a request,?

(I’m not tracking this btw, it doesn’t have to super accurate, i’m just setting keyframes manually to move the mask to colour the sky with a ‘Look’)


This is what it’s for :wink: Still Loving Mocha :+1:

Sure, we can look at making them different so it’s obvious. I’ll create a feature request.

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Thankyou :+1: