Edge Snapping Issues with 360 Video

I have found the edge snapping (Alt S) to work great when using it to adjust a track in traditional mono video. When I try to edge snap in 360 mono video, the track points kinda jump a few pixels but it is no where as accurate or responsive as traditional mono video.
Is there any settings I can change that will give me the great results I see in traditional mono video?

Interesting, I will tag @martinb here as this is unexpected behavior to me.

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I haven’t seen any specific snapping issues in 360 video, but there might be a small delay as it works out how to project the distorted image to the new snapping coordinate.

Are you snapping in 360 view or equirectangular view?

That did it. When in 360 view the points hardly reacted to Alt-S but when in regular equirectangular view they snap great. I will use that mode when I need this feature. Thanks for your help.

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