Edge Tracker

sounds excellent, can’t wait :slight_smile:

Steve Oakley

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Edge detecting trackers. the planer trackers are fine if you want to stick two images together, but when the item you want to roto changes shape through the shot in a significant way, they aren’t helping me. I want/need to be able to track the roto shape on an object that changes shape. I would be better off trying traditional point trackers, and making the track areas big enough to grab the areas that move. if there is a way to do this, please disclose it.is there a quick simple way to track points to a moving image that changes shape ?
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Once we have the shot we will suggest a workflow.


  • We will be adding a great point tracker to *motor
  • Besides our unique features and solutions we will ensure that motor is packed with all the features found in major roto apps. Point tracking falls in this category.
  • We have something better than Edge Tracking, but still in a prototype, will provide detail ASAP.